I am a rower by nature, but unfortunately my chosen sport requires a river without rapids.  I’m spending the summer in Central Oregon, and I started this blog to chronicle my attempt to stay active without a rowing shell, and to keep myself accountable.  It is part travelogue, part fitness journal and part just a chronicle of life.

So tempting!

I started rowing in 10th grade after seeing the 2004 Olympics in Athens.  I had never heard of rowing before but was captivated by this sport where you move backwards in a boat.  It took awhile before I was able to find a rowing team.  Unfortunately they are few and far between in Colorado, but eventually I was able to learn to row and my story continues from there.

As a kid, I was involved in every sport imaginable.  I was always pretty good, but never the best.  I loved playing and being active, but I was never a very good runner and that always held me back.  I played soccer, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball; I swam; I wrestled; anything that would keep me moving.  Rowing became a sport where it didn’t matter how fast of a runner I was, only that I could do it.  It is an endurance and strength sport, something that I could excel at.

I took a break my junior year of high school to study abroad in the Czech Republic, but when I came back I knew in the back of my head that rowing was important to me.  When I applied to college, I didn’t think rowing would be a deciding factor, but now I can’t imagine college without rowing.  I just finished my junior year, and third year rowing, at MIT.  The girls of my team are some of my best friends and keep me sane through the ups and downs of academic life.

Now I’m exploring real life and living 3,000 miles from my life in Boston.  I’m working, exercising, exploring and preparing for what comes next.  Enjoy!


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