Home at Last

1,134 miles later, I have made it home.  Summer is coming to an end much faster than I ever could have anticipated, but looking back, it was a great summer.  My internship was phenomenal, even if I will not end up working at the company.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity.







Now to step off the soapbox.  I went for a run this morning to shake out a little bit from almost three days of driving.  I am really starting to enjoy running, something I never thought I would say.  I’m still slow, but I’m okay with that.  I noticed that today must have been the first day of school.  All the parents were out with their kids on the path, lugging Target bags filled with notebooks, writing supplies and other school necessities.

In other running news, I got new running shoes!  I’ve worn out my old pair between some running, but also the hiking and cross-fit I used them for this summer (not necessarily a good idea…) but I was ready to give this new minimalist thing a shot.

I’ve always had knee problems, and was told that due to my super flat feet and way over-pronation, I need motion control shoes.  Well, I tried those and HATED them.  They were too stiff, and I felt like the shoe was controlling me.  I tried stability shoes, which weren’t too bad, but I’ve noticed recently how much the shoe controls how I run.  After reading about how barefoot/minimalist running has helped people improve injury through building strength, experimenting with running barefoot and attending a few different running clinics, I decided that I liked the idea of running on the mid-foot/fore-foot and felt that my shoes were inhibiting that.  I still feel like I am being controlled by the shoe, and haven’t felt that the stability shoes have helped my knees.  I am excited to try out my new shoes (and I know, slowly transition into them; we’ll see how that goes with a week before I leave). [UPDATE: I ended up exchanging them for something less minimalist, but headed that direction… Not enough time to transition unfortunately).



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