Taking in Bend

I think I’m really starting to get the hang of this running thing.  For pretty much my whole life, running has been the bane of my existence.  It was hard, it wasn’t fun, and I was slow.  Well, I’m still pretty slow, but I’m starting to actually enjoy running.  And it helps when you run in places that look like this:

I’ve been trying to get out and run more the past few days.  Part of it is that I want to enjoy the environs of Bend before I leave tomorrow (eek!), but also I know that running will be my main form of cardio over the next few months, and I want to make sure I am ready.  Yesterday was a wonderful day because I ran the farthest I have ever run! (well, disregarding the run/walk attempt I made at the Bolder Boulder 10k four years ago).  It was only 4 miles, but it was four miles I ran and didn’t hate.  I stopped a few times to take pictures, but never walked, even up the hills on the trail.

I hit the path again this afternoon for a solid 3.2 miles (a 5k, anyone?).  It was hot because the part of the path I was on has absolutely no shade, but it does run along the river on both sides.  I’ve found that it is nice to run after work from the office because I can get right to the river, rather than through boring neighborhoods (if only I had discovered this earlier).  My run today brings me up to 10 miles for the week (Sunday was a 2.8 mile run to the farmer’s market with a light rail ride back– a perfect way to do it), plus an 8 mile bike ride.

I’m headed home tomorrow after work.  It’s a long drive (~1000 miles), and I’m sure it won’t be very exciting, but it’ll be nice to be home, and to have more time to stress about everything that needs to get done!  My to-do list is very long, needless to say.


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