The Prodigal Blog Post

I chastised someone else for not having blogged yesterday, so I figure that I should probably take some time to catch up on my own blogging.

The past few weeks have been a little crazy with travelling (kind of for work!).  I did one week in Baltimore, one week in Bend (with some hefty weekend trips thrown in), one week in Portland; now I’m back in Bend for a week before heading off to Colorado for a week and then to Detroit!

There have been a lot of goings-on in the past couple of weeks, the least of which is work, or so it seems.  I may still be working 40 hours a week, but the actual amount of work I get done has been somewhat minimal due to meetings, tech sessions, tours and other various events.  But I’m going to tough it out for this last week and wrap up the projects I’m working on.

More interestingly, I did a bit of exploring last weekend, visiting the deepest lake in the United States, which apparently holds five trillion gallons of water.  I wonder how long that could tide us over?  Crater Lake is an incredibly beautiful place, which I butchered a bit with my very limited photography skills, but I highly recommend that anyone who happens to find themselves in the middle of Central Oregon take a day and explore.

Amy and Adrienne, Portland-based interns with the company I work for, took a bus down to come experience Bend for the weekend, and one of the things on their list was to visit Crater Lake.  It’s not a place I would have gone by myself, so I took them up on the offer.  The ring road around the beautiful blue lake only opened two weeks ago, so we got to fulfill one of Amy’s wishes: see snow.  I guess when you are from Central Florida, snow still really holds its appeal.  The snow resulted in some snowballs and a snowman lovingly named Atticus.  Sadly, we probably doomed him to a short and painful life due to the sun that was pounding down that day.

The Park Service has some hikes listed in their newspaper guide to the park, but most are of the 1-mile flat variety.  We decided to take on the two moderate hikes that were open in the guide, one which involved lots of climbing, and one which involved lots of descending.  Both were certainly worth it, but the latter hike down to the water was incredible.  Since there isn’t any boating allowed on the lake (other than the four daily tours run by the park service) the water is incredibly clean, and magnificently blue.  And rather cold.  We went for a little swim, some of us more than others, but that was just part of the experience.

Sunday consisted of a lazy float down the Deschutes River (if you ever wondered why the tube rides at waterparks are called lazy river, the inspiration must come from this river), with some apparently not allowed beverages and a giant 6-person raft.  A perfect way to spend a lazy morning.

Something I did last week which may have been a bit over the top was driving over 500 miles.  I know I can’t complain or really say anything because my weekend plans consist of driving over 1000 miles, but it was still a lot.  I think I started to go a bit crazy on the way back from Portland.  But the good part was that I got to go to Portland.

Although my time in Portland consisted mainly of work, I did have some time to enjoy the finer side of life (mostly I got to eat good food, from the plethora of food carts that exist in the Portland area).  Which were my favorite?

Real Czech food?? Yes, please!

Homemade gnocchi?  Don’t mind if I do.

I also went the first art museum that hasn’t bored me to death in while, a very long time.  Why do you ask?  There were lots of cars!  And interesting sculptures, but I’ll just give a taste of the beauty of the automobile.

Unfortunately a week full of working, eating and art museums left not much time for being active.  Something about these desk jobs…. I did go out and hike up the 11 switchbacks to the top of Multnomah Falls, went to the gym one morning, and ran to the farmer’s market on Saturday, but let’s just say that during the week exercise kind of fell by the wayside.  This unfortunately cannot be a recurring theme, particularly during my upcoming semester.  Luckily I am starting to enjoy running more than I ever have, and am pretty excited to make it a recurring part of my routine.

Question: How do you stay active while in new places?  When you travel for work, how do you make sure that you still have time for exercise?


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