The To-do List (and some Baltimore pics)

I made a to-do list the other day, most of which was work related, but I realized after I made it that the 4th item down was “Think about life”.  This is a rather big bullet point, and hopefully one I can’t just cross of my list, but the past couple of weeks, and especially my week in Baltimore, made me rethink some of the plans I had.  It made me realize how many options I have and how many different paths there are, and that maybe it would be a good idea to explore some of these paths before going to grad school.  I realized that I am pretty interested in policy, in think tanks and in strategy, but that I couldn’t exactly tell you in what.  I realized that to go to grad school, I should have some more direction in life, and a better idea of what I want to pursue.  I shouldn’t specialize in something I’m not passionate about.  I think transportation is what I want to do long term, in some capacity at least, but I also want to figure out how I can go about this urban development planning thing.  I want to live and work abroad, and I should take advantage of any opportunities I have.  I have some amazing opportunities through MIT, and I may as well do it when I’m young, and later on in life too.  Hopefully it will help me decide what I want to do later in life, or point me in the right direction.  For now, I’m going to continue pursuing the year in the UK stuff, but I have to see what I think about going American graduate school right afterwards.

Anyway, that’s enough life planning.  In other news, I’ve gone running twice in the past three days, and have maybe kind of enjoyed it!  The first day was VERY slow, like 12 minute mile slow, and I only went 2.3 miles.  But this morning I just ran, and didn’t fret about it, and it was pretty enjoyable.  And I ran faster!  My pace today was 10:53 min/mile, which is a minute faster than Tuesday!  It was very exciting, and I went further. Well, only 2.75 miles, but still it was farther.  I’m going again tomorrow, and am just going to go.  I’ve realized that Bend really isn’t very big, so it’s hard to judge how far I’m going because things seem further away but in reality really aren’t.  I should probably work up to at least 3.5 miles, seeing as that is the running distance in the triathlon I am looking at doing.

That’s some other news.  I am planning on doing a triathlon when I am home in August.  It is only a sprint triathlon (500 yard swim, 10 mile bike, 3.5 mile run), and I haven’t really trained or anything more than some running and biking, but I’m excited to try out a new sport.  Long term I think I could get into triathlons.  I like changing up my work out routine, and I really enjoy biking and swimming.  And lately running hasn’t been too terrible either.  My background is in swimming, and definitely not the other two.  Biking is a lot of fun, and I don’t think should be too difficult once I get some more practice, but running is really my weakest point.  But that is just something I have to work on.  Keep an ear out for more updates.

And finally a short recap of my week in Baltimore.  Basically, it was a lot of fun.  After a summer of not having much of a social life, it was great to have a built in group of friends, all of whom were pretty cool.  As a group we got on really well, and aside from some slight differences in eating preferences (real food vs. fast food), it was great.  And of course, it was a work trip, so we did lots of work too.  And met the US Secretary of Transportation, among others.  But here is a recap in pictures of some of what we did.


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