Bend in the Morning

This was what I saw this morning when I went for a run.  Admittedly, this was the first morning I have exercised before going to work.  Normally I am up and at the boathouse by 6:20am, but the snooze button has looked so welcoming for the past two months.  After an accidental late day at the office yesterday (not working, just using the internet connection), I didn’t have time to go on the fun I had planned.  I did a quick core workout, but nothing substantial, and I knew I would be miserable today if all I did between 9am and 8am was be in the kitchen or asleep.

I am glad I got up this morning- the Deschutes is beautiful in the morning, and Bend is really peaceful.  I was surprised by how few people were up because this town is always active with something going on.  My run was much slower than I had hoped, and shorter as well.  I only did 2.37 miles in 27ish minutes, something like a 12 minute mile.  Oops.  I guess that’s what I get for only having run a handful of times.

My cross fit membership expired while I was in Baltimore, and I am debating whether to go back.  I only have two weeks left in Bend (this week and then the week after next), and I haven’t had as much time outdoors because I have felt obligated to go do a W.O.D.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cross fit, but I want to take advantage of the bike I bought, and some of the trails around here that I haven’t had time to yet.  I also think I need to get in some more straight up cardio in the next couple of weeks.  I’ve been slack on eating and exercising this summer, and need to start to turn it around.

I’ve decided to go the Jean route for now and cut out sugar, even if only to make myself more aware of what I’m eating.  I’m back to recording my meals in an effort to try and learn what normal portions are.  During the school year I know I eat because I’m tired, because I feel like I need to, and because I’m stressed.  I don’t want to go down that route because I know my body can’t handle it and doesn’t have that kind of metabolism.  This summer my meals had been pretty good, but my snacking wasn’t, so I’ve decided to cut out what I know I can make myself do.  So far it’s been 2 days, but it isn’t too bad.  I often decided to eat because I was bored, or felt like I should, but knew I didn’t need to.  I need to go all or nothing, or else it won’t work.  So no sugar, lots of running and biking, and hopefully I will see a change.

I have lots of pictures and things to say about Baltimore, but I haven’t gotten around to organizing my thoughts yet.  More to come on that.




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