The Advent of the 40 Hour Work Week

The nice thing about working long days is that I get out early on Fridays.  It’s still a 40-hour workweek, even if it means working 10 hours one day.  This week is particularly nice because my parents are in town!  The long weekend meant they both have Monday off work, so they came up to visit.

I’m not exactly sure what is on the ticket for the weekend, but it is likely to include hiking, kayaking, coffee and lots of delicious food.  Tonight was the First Friday Art Walk in Bend, which involves lots of open galleries and stores, as well as many bottles of wine open for the tasting.  It was great to show my parents around Bend, and to see it through some different eyes.

Dinner was great, at a restaurant called Zydeco.  Zydeco is apparently something to do with Louisiana and Creole food, but there were only hints here and there. The bread was probably the best part of the meal, though the blackened redfish I had was absolutely delicious.  Despite this, dinner was hardly the highlight meal of the day.

Because I was getting out of work early, I decided to stop by the food truck I had been to last weekend at the Bite of Bend.  Spork, as it is called, calls itself global street food.  I don’t know exactly what that means, but it doesn’t matter.  I had a simple rice and pork dish, but it was superb.  Melt in your mouth pork, with sweet soy sauce and a chilled cucumber spinach salad.  Hardly what would be expected out of a food truck.

I didn’t think to take a picture until it was half done!

I haven’t been able to go to cross fit as often as I would have liked this week.  The lunges were killer on Tuesday and I ended up not being able to go on Wednesday, but I tell myself the effect was lasting.  Thursday’s workout involved lots of jump rope.  The kind that you played with when you were eight. Needless to say, I haven’t jumproped since then.  It took awhile to get through the 7 rounds of 105 jumps.  I never realized how much of your body jump roping uses.  Hopefully I’ll get there again before Tuesday, but even so, I am anticipating at least a fair amount of walking and/or kayaking this weekend.


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