The summer is flying by and I haven’t really enjoyed it yet.  The sun has been out for a couple of weeks now, but working inside an office all day obviates the effect.  I took a stand this morning and extended my morning bike ride a little further to get breakfast at a bakery one of my coworkers had told me about.  This bakery was amazing.  I only had a bagel and a latte, but they were among the best I’ve ever had.  I’m excited to visit again and try some of their other baked goods, sandwiches and anything else they may put in front of me.

The bakery itself is very unassuming.  It is in an industrial part of town, near a clay studio but not much else.  It is literally on the wrong side of the tracks, but really only a short bike ride from work.


Riding my bike to breakfast and then to work means that I fulfilled my 3 day bike-to-work goal for the week.  It is especially important on days like today when I got out of work and knew I couldn’t handle going in for a workout.  I’m realizing that I need to make sure to transition comfortably into cross fit.  It is definitely an intense workout that can be a shock to the system.  I felt really good after yesterday’s break and 10k, but my body certainly needed a rest and some good sleep.

My next adventure in cross fit will unfortunately have to wait until Sunday because on the schedule is a morning filled with standardized testing.  It seems like I will never escape it, and I may not if I decide to going the P.E. route (professional engineer, for the non-techy folks).  From what I gather, a P.E. requires several more rounds of standardized testing and some various renewal processes I don’t fully understand.  But it also yields the power of the stamp.

Luckily my next decision in that process doesn’t have to happen until January.  So many months until then!  In the mean time, I will head off to bed to be well rested for my GRE morning.


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