Conquering a Beast


So innocuous looking.  And it even says friendlier!

To put it lightly, I hate erging.  I like how I feel after I’ve done a good erg piece, but I cannot erg by myself.  I really shouldn’t be telling myself that because it is adding fuel to the fire, but it seems to be true.  I always seem to make deals with myself about how/why I can stop earlier than planned.  I’ve never been good at keeping myself on track and making it through an entire workout.  Today, however, I conquered the beast.  Yesterday after my cross fit workout I knew I had to take a day off from cross fit.  But I need to get into a good rhythm, so I decided that I would do a 10k erg piece.

Rowing is a big part of cross fit, but people don’t usually do more than 500m at one time.  But when I tell people at the gym that I am a rower, I get looks of adoration.  It’s a nice feeling.  I knew that doing a 10k would earn me some respect, even if I am slower on the rest of the cross fit stuff.  (I should give myself a break; I have been doing it, what? 5 days?)  I like surprising people and I like getting respect.  So I went in today after work and banged out a 10k.  Well, it was more like a slow swinging motion, but that’s besides the point.  It got done and it got done without 20 other people doing at the same time.  To say the least, I am very happy with myself.   Now just to see if I can do it again.

I know some people who are beasts at erging.  They love it and do it everyday.  I am unfortunately not one of those people.  But I can pretend that I strive to be.

 They look like this.  (Jane circa 2009)

Erging is an interesting endeavor.  People think you are crazy and don’t understand it.  It requires more equipment than a regular workout really should.  It causes that mental wall to go up and refuse to come down.  But I keep going back and back again.  I know I should be running more, especially with next semester and the lands of unknown workout spaces coming up, but I need to progress into running.  Because no matter how big the mental wall is that comes with erging, it’s always a bit taller and a sturdier with running.  But I will persevere.

My current workout plan involves cross fit during the week and running on the weekends.  I’m hoping that the sunshine and beautiful trails will entice me out of bed, and onto a run.  But this weekend’s events will all be on hold until the exam of the week is complete.  A couple of weeks ago I found myself on ETS’ website and deciding that 3 weeks was really enough time to prepare for the GRE.  So this Saturday I will be spending 4.5 hours inside a lovely concrete building instead of outside in the sunshine, enjoying Bite of Bend.  The things I do for academics.



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