A Biking Adventure

I finally rode my bike to work again.  I really have no excuse.  It’s a mile and half door to door, and the weather has finally gotten out of freezing range.  I keep making excuses about needing to go to the grocery store (all on the peripheries) or something after work.  I think it is just that having a car makes me soft.  It’s so much easier to drag yourself out when you don’t have to put any effort into it, but I’m telling myself now that I will ride to work at least 3 days a week.  I’m also hoping to go on a longer ride this weekend.  Bend is such a beautiful place and I should really be taking advantage of it.

My bike!  Living the life indoors next to the GIANT tv.  That’s a story for another time.

I’m also lucky that my cross-fit gym is right on my way home (.4 miles from work!).  We’ll see how it feels after my workout tonight to hop on a bike, but I think a short easy ride will feel great.  I’ve tried getting on the erg after a work out to stretch out, but even that seemed to tax my body more than it was ready for.  Hopefully after a couple of weeks of cross fit, I’ll be more able to fit in some form of extended cardio on the days I do a WOD.

I’m also finally getting into the habit of bringing lunch and enough snacks to get me through the day.  While I’m rowing, I find myself constantly eating, which is a habit I really need to get out of.  I know part of it is because of my constant proximity to food at my living group, but also an idea I have in my head that I’m not getting enough.  Now that I’m working and controlling how much food I have with me, I’m trying to make sure I have enough to feel prepared for the day’s workout, but also have the right kind of foods.

I was pretty good today and brought leftovers from last night (chicken, black beans, green peppers and polenta), along with an apple (and of course my Nalgene).  For snacks I brought some yummy Trader Joe’s trail mix (I bought two kinds and mixed them together with golden raisins for a morning snack), and cottage cheese.  Those will probably be my go-tos for the next couple of weeks before I start to get bored of them.  Before cross fit, I often feel like I need something else too though.  I don’t know if this is my mind taking control, but I keep a stash of Clif bars around too if I feel like I need something more substantive.  Going to a WOD at 6:30pm seems too late to not having something besides cottage cheese after lunch.

Question: What do you usually do for food at the office? 



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