The Beginning of a Cross-Training Adventure

Today was my third adventure with CrossFit, and I think I’m hooked.  There is something about feeling your muscles and not being able to move the next day that is oddly addicting.  I’m glad I finally made the decision to join because I definitely thrive on the team atmosphere.  I have a long ways to go, and some catching up to do but I firmly believe the soreness will subside and the enjoyment will continue.

I stumbled across some healthy living blogs a couple of weeks ago and have been obsessed ever since.  It is inspiring to read about other people’s experiences with staying active, and especially about their adventures in NYC (a goal for someday).  I will be keeping this blog to help myself staying accountable for my fitness, and to chronicle my adventures and ponderings as they come.

This is my re-entrance into the blog world, but my first I would deem a “life blog”.  Any comments or suggestions or helpful hints are much appreciated.  Thanks for reading and please keep checking back!


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